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Veteran Contact By: Rob Connelly

 14th August 2019

Message from Chris Hill in response to Comments

Please email with queries on replacement Discount cards and Argos discount queries.

Mrs Christine Mahoney By: Rob Connelly

 13th February 2019

Hi Christine, the email given was correct:

Tricia is aware of your request as she has relied to my email. You can cc me if you like and I will forward.

Discount Card replacement By: Rob Connelly

 11th February 2019

In reply to Christine Mahoney's enquiry:

Replacement cards can be obtained by contacting Tricia with your details in the following ways.

Post should be sent to Tricia Kouatila, Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd, 19th floor, Arndale House, Arndale Centre, Manchester, M4 3AL.



Telephone: 0161 245 8105

I have emailed on your enquiry to Tricia.

Argos Discount By: Rob Connelly

 08th February 2019

To answer Mike Ball's comment on 6th February and copied from the Frequently Asked Questions section:

If you were a Veteran prior to 1st December 2016 you are not eligible to receive the discount with Argos or Habitat.

Looking on the Nectar card website you can collect and redeem points at Argos.


Discount Card online By: Rob Connelly

 08th February 2019

To answer Gilmour Sloans enquiry:


How do I register my discount card for grocery shopping on-line?


You need to contact 0800 328 1700 opt.2

You will also need to contact this number if you request a new card, as it will have a different issue number

Veterans Membership By: Christine Newton

 13th March 2018

Hello Margaret

You can certainly attend your local association, but unfortunately with a break of service you will not qualify for the other Veteran benefits including the discount card.

Discount Card to buy Wine By: Christine Newton

 30th January 2018

Jennifer, you can use your discount card when purchasing wine.  It may change during the 'buy 6 save 25%' offers that happen throughout the year, when this offer is on it brings down the cost of the individual bottle of wine below the Government guidelines on alcohol and so discount is suspended during this time on these products.

Joining Veterans Association By: Christine Newton

 23rd September 2016

Membership of the association is automatic for colleagues who meet the current qualifying eligibility.  However for any colleagues leaving the Company who would like to be involved with the Veterans Association please check out the the Local Associations in your Region all the details are under Regions then find your area.

Veterans Views By: Ian Fidler

 09th January 2014

The purpose of this section of the website is to enable Veterans to obtain answers to queries and to share information and ideas across our community.It is very easy to use and provides a quick and effective way to interact with the Veterans Support Office,Regional and Local Association Committee members and other Veterans.

Why not try it out as a means of letting me know what you think we can do to improve the service and support the Veterans Association provides.

Regards Ian.