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June 2019

Fellow Veterans,

I am delighted to welcome Jayne Graham and Elaine Paris-Eley as new members of our Veterans Committee.Jayne has taken on the role of Chair for a newly configured Central Region and Elaine joins us as our Veterans Association Secretary.I am sure many of you know Jayne and Elaine and will join me in thanking them for volunteering to help with the workload necessary to maintain and develop the Veterans Association.

As you are aware changes within the business last year resulted in an unusually high influx of new members.Current membership is now at a record high of 19350.Clearly we are delighted to welcome these new members,but it does pose a number of challenges which need to addressed.Firstly,and probably most importantly,we need to establish that the benefits currently on offer are attractive and engaging to more recent retirees.This has been a question we have have struggled to answer for a number of years but it is now more pressing.Mike Oakes,North Regional Chair,has agreed to develop a questionnaire to obtain your views on changes required.In the meantime please feel free to contact us to share your views on this subject.

As referred to previously we are making changes to our Veterans News Magazine.These include moving to 3 issues per annum,modernising the style and format and making greater use of our website to provide more timely communication.

As well as communicating more effectively we need to ensure our funds deliver maximum benefit and you can assist with this by agreeing to let us contact you via email.If you haven’t already done so then please forward your email address to:


01763 849736