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To qualify for veteran status, you would have worked for Sainsburys continuously for 25 years or more and retired (including ill health retirement and capability dismissal following a period of long-term absence), been made redundant or left through TUPE.

Membership for eligible colleagues is automatic.

The links on the left tell you more about the benefits of joining the Veterans Association.


If you have retired and left Sainsbury’s with at least 25 years continuous service and have a permanent address in the UK you will be eligible for a host of benefits that include:

  • Sainsbury's Discount (10%)
  • Argos Discount (10%) 
  • Habitat Discount (10%)
  • TU Discount (10%)
  • A copy of The News, issued every four months both online and delivered home
  • Support of a visitor (where available)
  • Opportunity to join a Local Association (where available)
  • In the event of a bereavement, all veteran benefits will pass to a surviving spouse/civil partner that lives permanently at the same address as the veteran.



We answer some common questions about using your discount in retirement:

Can I keep my colleague discount card in retirement?

Yes, if you have a minimum of 25 years' continuous group service and you are leaving the Company due to retirement.

If I am eligible for my colleague discount card, will I receive a new card?

Yes, a new veterans discount card will automatically be sent to your home address within 12 weeks of you retiring. However, as a veteran, the only additional signatory on your card is your spouse/civil partner. No other family member can use your card.

What if I have not completed 25 years' continuous service?

Then you are not eligible to retain your discount card or discount benefit in retirement. The card will automatically become invalid and should be handed in to your Line Manager on your last working day.

What happens if I am house bound through ill health and I do not have a spouse/civil partner who can do my shopping?

You can then apply via the Veteran Support team for a 'house bound authorisation to shop card', asking for permission for a relative or carer to shop on your behalf. Discounts must only be claimed against your personal shopping that you pay for. Email the team at veteran.support@sainsburys.co.uk.

What if there is no Sainsbury's store within my area and I cannot use my colleague discount card?

In this case, you can surrender your card in exchange for an annual gift voucher, which will be issued just before Christmas. You need to return your colleague discount card by the end of October of that year to the Veteran Support team in Manchester in order for the gift voucher to be issued.

As a spouse of a colleague who died in service, do I retain the colleague discount card?

Yes, if the colleague had completed 25 years' continuous group service at the time of their death.

If I retire due to ‘ill health retirement’ do I become a veteran and retain my colleague discount card?

Yes, if on retirement you have completed 25 years' continuous group service.

If I leave due to ‘medical dismissal' do I become a veteran and retain my colleague discount card?

Yes, if on retirement you have completed 25 years' continuous group service.

If I leave under 'voluntary/compromised severance' do I become a veteran and retain my colleague discount card?

Yes, if at the time you leave you have completed 25 years' continuous group service.

As a veteran, will my spouse qualify for the veterans benefits when I pass away?

Yes, the surviving spouse/civil partner becomes the veteran and retains the benefits as long as they lived at the same permanent address as you.

Do veterans receive the percentage uplift at peak trading times of the year, as current colleagues currently do?

No veterans do not receive any uplift, they will only receive 10% year-round, as the uplift is a benefit to current colleagues at these peak trading times.