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Rules of the Veteran Discount Benefit

• Only you, as a veteran and if nominated a spouse/partner, can use your discount benefit. You are accountable for how you and if nominated a spouse/partner use this discount.

• You must have a permanent UK address.

• Your nominated spouse/partner is only eligible if they permanently live at the same address as you.

• You and your spouse/partner need to sign both signature spaces on the card, if you do not have a spouse or partner you must sign both spaces.

• If you receive assistance with your shopping you must have an ‘authorisation to shop card’ in place. Your nominated shopper can only use the discount on your shopping and not their own and they must not sign your discount card.

• Loaning, altering, transferring or selling your discount card is strictly forbidden.

• You must immediately notify us of any change in your circumstances that could affect your eligibility for discount, this includes changes impacting your spouse/partner and may result in a replacement card being required.

• In store you must have your card present at the time of purchase to obtain discount, we cannot give any discount value back at a later date.

• The items you purchase with your discount must be for personal use by you and your immediate household.

• You can buy food or drink to entertain others as long as you are the host and you are not receiving any reimbursement for goods you have purchased.

• You can buy items to give as gifts as long as you are not receiving any reimbursement.

• You must not buy goods for resale or to supply any other commercial business.

• If you wish to ‘bulk purchase’ you will need to get authorisation from the store manager to do so.

• When shopping online your discount card should be registered to your billing address. If you purchase goods for delivery to a different address, you must ensure the purchases are within the rules.

• You must not use your discount for purchases which you reclaim as an expense.

• You can use your nectar card in conjunction with your discount but you cannot use someone else’s nectar card. Nectar loyalty points will be applied to purchases net of discount.

• Discount can be applied on products paid for using Argos, Sainsbury’s or Habitat gift cards/vouchers.

• If you return any goods for a refund your refund must not include your discount value.

Terms and conditions:

• We reserve the right to withdraw the discount benefit at any time and put a stop on your card.

• We reserve the right to change the discount benefit rules or vary the conditions of use or entitlement at any time and you will be notified.

• We monitor discount usage very closely and will investigate any circumstances where the discount may have been misused.

• Where we find misuse of discount we could withdraw the benefit.