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Chair update

The group started in June 1981. When a group of retirees mostly from Blackfriars wanted to meet up for a chat and a cup of tea. They decided to meet at Griffin Club House which then was owned by Sainsbury's as their sports ground. As they meet on a Tuesday they called themselves the TUESDAY CLUB and this name stayed until just a few years ago when it was changed to Dulwich Retirees.

At the moment we meet once a month, still on a Tuesday at the Griffin Club for a friendly chat a free cup of tea and a cake, plus a game of bingo and cards. We hold a few Ploughman's lunches a year and a Christmas Lunch which is free or at a very low cost.

We are a friendly club and if you would like to join us you would be made very welcome.

Ron Spencer

020 7732 5190

Meeting Venue




Ron Spencer

020 7732 5190





David Dahms






We meet at 12. Dulwich Village, Dulwich. SE21 7AL. See our Events for specific dates.

How to find us.
From Crystal Palace Parade Upper Norwood. From bus station go to traffic lights then turn left on to College Road down to round-a-bout. Take second exit onto South Croxted road A2199. To lights then turn right onto Alleyn Park Road passing Dulwich College on your right, at the road junction (South Circular) turn left and quickly take the first road on your right Gallery Road to round-a-bout straight across through village to lights, straight across to 12 Dulwich Village is about 300yrds pass the lights on your left opposite a Junior school, (Just pass the Auldi Garage on your right). You should see a sign Kings College sports ground go down the drive and you will see the sports ground. Park to suit yourself, the pavilion is to your left go to the entrance which is also on your left.