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Chair's Message

Bromley Chair update – December 2019

Welcome to the website and hopefully you will find someting that might interest you as you browse.

You would have recieved the 2020 programme by now and hopefully booked something that you will enjoy.  Website being updated at this moment. 

We have a very varied programme for next year.

Do not forget that we have Coffee Mornings and Club Afternoons which are free to attend.  You could meet old friends or make new ones.

The Committee and I would like to wish you all a Happy & Healthy New Year 

Best Wishes



Vice Chairman

I am John Smith, Vice-chairman of the Bromley Association

Activity Morning Dates

Dates for Activity Mornings which are all on a Monday:   


6 Jan,     20 Jan     3 Feb     17 Feb     16 Mar     30 Mar     6 Apr     20 Apr

18 May     1 Jun     15 Jun     29 Jun     20 Jul     27 Jul     10 Aug     24 Aug

7 Sep     21 Sep     5 Oct     19 Oct     2 Nov     16 Nov     30 Nov     7 Dec


Also have Rambles and Dates as follows:


25 March     22 April (London, could be 3 to 3 nd half hours)     21 May     17 June    

16 July     26 August     17 September     22 October     4 November

Our Rambles Christmas lunch is on Thursday 3 December.

Details will be given to you at the Club Afternoon before the ramble


Bromley Secretary update – December 2019

As I type this Christmas is over and hope you all had an enjoyable time.  We now have the New Year to look forward to with celebrations this evening for some and a quiet one for others.  Whatever you do have a Happy & Healthy 2020.

Do not forget we have some lovely club afternoons, coffee morning, day trips to look forward to in 2020.  As well as holiday's in February, July & September next year.

The website is being updated at the moment, so those of you who looking on line will be able to see what is happening during 2020

May I wish you all a Happy & Healthy New Year

Look forward to seeing some new faces next year, please come along and see what we do.

Regards    Margaret

Committee Members



e-mail Address




David Dahms 

Chairman/Days out

John Smith

Vice Chairman/Fishing Comps/Fundraising

Margaret Lord

Treasurer/Secretary/Membership/Web Co-Ord.

Barbara Smith

Bookings/Cash Collections/Banking

Lyn Belger

Club Health Co-ordination/Special Occasions

Brenda Stringer

Theatre Club

June Jennings

Summer Comp.


John Newbery

Rambles/Games Organiser/Hall Layout

Chris Miller

Visitors & Welfare Administrator

Henry Lilburn 

Wednesday Tea Rota Co-Ord.

John Cleverley

Autumn Fayre Comm

Linda Roscoe

Club Afternoon Catering

Alan Reed


Keith Harris

Autumn Fayre Comm.

Marion Pollard


Les Miller

Monday Morning Club/Rambles/Welcomers

Sandra Owens

200 Club

Roger Wallis


David Carter

Autumn Fayre Co-ordinator

Venue details

Venue is Crofton Halls, Crofton Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 8PR

Between 1.30pm & 4.30pm

Tea, coffee & biscuits will be served - ALL FREE 

Meetings held usual on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

We also have Activity Mornings held at the same address on Monday mornings from 9.30am.

Short mats bowls & Table tennis  

Again it is Free with Tea, coffee and biscuits being served

If you do not want to do bowls just come along for a chat.  All are welcome