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Please find below a Newsletter that I sent out to Local Association Chairpersons about the Coronavirus situation:

No: 253  –  March, 2020. 

Dear All, 

Firstly, sorry for so many Newsletters. 

You should know that Bromley Association decided to lock down on ALL events (Holidays, Club Afternoons, Days Out, Socials, and Fund Raising Events) until 1st September, 2020.

It is appreciated that the Government have said that they expect over 70's to self-isolate for 12 weeks from the coming weekend but it might well be longer.

I would advise that you all take a similar decision as you would not like to put your members at risk. We need to be responsible. I would also suggest you ask your members to keep in touch with their friends by phone or email to avoid them being lonely.

I wish you all a safe summer and stay well.



South Region