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Contact Us function

 23rd July 2020
We are currently experiencing issues with any messages being sent via the Contact Us function on this website. Until this is resolved please email with your enquiry or contact one of the regional teams whose details are on the "Meet the Team" icon of the Local Association pages of the North, East, C&W or South website. Rob Connelly Deputy Chair SVA Read more

COVID 19 Update

 13th May 2020
The Veterans Association Committee (VAC) continue to monitor the Covid- 19 situation and the Government guideline changes. With the danger that cases could increase again if people relax their guard too soon and the issues of protection and social distancing, the risks to Veterans are still the same. We are not yet at a point where the VAC would advise Local Associations to go ahead and make definite plans for activities and events to be held this year and beyond. There are already reports of some venues going out of business where deposits have been paid so anyone planning events should take that into account before committing member's monies or paying balances. It is likely to be August before we have a proper indication of the progress in combating Covid-19 both in the UK and abroad and be in a position to make a realistic assessment of the risk for the rest of this year and into 2021. Read more

Shopping Update

 31st March 2020
As you know our country is experiencing an outbreak of the Coronavirus – COVID19. This has meant our elderly and most vulnerable members of our communities are being asked to remain indoors to keep them safe during this time. Sainsbury's has been working with the government to ensure we are “Feeding the nation” and of course making sure we are providing as much support to the most vulnerable has been at the heart of everything we are doing. We wanted to provide you with as much information as we could so you can choose the best course of action to take to ensure you are able to get those much-needed items during this time. Following feedback from our customers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday our supermarkets will dedicate 08.00-09.00 to serving elderly customers, disabled customers and carers. We are aware some of our elderly or vulnerable customers are struggling to book online delivery slots. We are doing our absolute best to offer online delivery slots to elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers. These customers have priority over all slots. Our customer Careline has been inundated with requests from elderly and vulnerable customers – we have had one year's worth of contacts in two weeks. We have proactively contacted 270,000 customers who had already given us information that meant we could identify them as being in these groups. Our customer Careline is working at full capacity to help other customers within these groups and we can give an additional 8,000 customers a day access to delivery slots over the phone. We have already booked in slots for 115,000 elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers last week and this number is growing every day. We are also working as quickly as possible on an option for people to register themselves as disabled and vulnerable on their online shopping accounts. If you live in England and you’re extremely vulnerable, you can get access to priority home delivery by visiting GOV.UK and searching Coronavirus extremely vulnerable. If you live in England and you are over 70 years of age: You can get access to priority home delivery slots by calling us on 0800 953 4988 If you live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and you are vulnerable or over 70 years of age: We’re working hard to gather details of elderly and vulnerable people living in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If this applies to you, please call us on 0800 953 4988. We will receive the government database this week which tells us which people in England the government considers to be most vulnerable. Where these people are already registered with us, we will start to write to them next week to offer them a delivery slot. We are also working hard to secure details for vulnerable people living in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In addition to the above we've launched over 100 additional Click & Collect stores, where Online vans will be set up in the car parks and customers can collect from there without entering the stores. Please look out for updates on the veteran website We have started to limit the number of people allowed in our stores and at our ATMs at any one time. We have also put queuing systems in place outside stores and will ask everyone to please queue at a safe distance of 2 metres apart. Since we put limits on the number of items people could buy, food and other essential items are on shelves for longer each day. We are reminding people in stores to keep a safe distance from other customers and from our colleagues. Customers buying petrol are being asked to pay at the pump where they can. We are reducing the number of checkouts we open in supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol filling stations to help our colleagues and customers keep a safe distance from each other. We are also introducing safety screens at every manned checkout to help keep our colleagues safe when serving customers. We are regularly sanitising all customer areas of our stores including chip and pin machines, baskets and trolleys. Please pay by card at the till if you can. If you are unable to pay by card and want to pay by cash, please use our self-scan tills which will stay open for cash payments. Many customers are now using our SmartShop app on their own devices when shopping in our stores. This means you can scan your own shopping as you go around the store, put food and other essential items straight into your own bags and pay for your groceries at a special till before leaving. Which means less interaction with other customers and colleagues and less time queuing to pay. Just so you know we really are doing our best to manage a very difficult situation. Demand for online grocery delivery is higher now than it has ever been. We are working hard to increase our online capacity and we are adding more slots in every day. But it is not possible for us to create enough slots to meet the current level of demand. We are seeing communities come together to work on this issue. We know that many people who can come into a store to shop are also shopping for others who can't access food online or get to a shop. We want to encourage and support this. If everyone who shops in store also shops for a person who is less able, it will go a long way towards getting food to everyone who needs it. On a final note if you're part of our Veteran Visit scheme, you and your visitor should follow the Government guidelines where it is strongly advised that you stay at home and avoid any face-to-face contact. Every person in the UK must comply with these new measures, which came into effect on Monday 23rd March. Try to organise phone or video calls to keep in touch instead. I hope all the information in this letter proves to be useful to you and helps you to determine the best way for you to shop and remain fit and healthy at the same time. Yours sincerely Yvette Mundy HR Support Services Manager Read more

Welsh Stores Minimum Pricing Legislation

 02nd January 2020
Colleague Discount on Alcohol – Welsh Sainsbury's Stores In Wales on 2 March 2020, new legislation comes into effect that will change how alcohol is priced. This is a legal requirement and we will need to be fully compliant. This change was adopted in Scotland in May 2018. What's changing? All alcoholic products sold in Wales will be subject to a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol. What does this mean for me? If you are shopping in a Sainsbury's store in Wales on or after 2 March 2020 – you will no longer be able to get colleague discount on any alcoholic products. This will make sure we do not break the law by selling alcohol below the legal minimum price. Where can I find more information? More information on minimum unit pricing can be found on the website: If you have any questions regarding this change to our discount benefit for all colleagues, please call HR Reward Services on 0207 695 4227 or email Read more


 16th April 2018
NEW ONLINE ARCHIVE OPENS Visit to explore the amazing story of almost 150 years of Sainsbury's history. Discover the products, places and people that made Sainsbury's a household name. IN ADDITION! We want to hear your stories and memories of working or shopping with one of nation's favourite retailer. To do this simply follow these three simple steps: 1. Visit 2. Register with your name and email address. 3. Simply share your memory or upload an image via the Memories section. Sainsbury Archive Museum of London Docklands, West India Quay, London E14 4AL Phone: 020 7001 9852 Read more

New Discount Card Guidelines - Scotland

 04th April 2018
In Scotland on 1st May 2018, new legislation comes into effect that will change how alcohol is priced. This is a legal requirement and we will need to be fully compliant. If you are shopping in a Sainsbury's store in Scotland on or after 1 May 2018 - You will no longer be able to get veteran discount on any alcoholic products. This will make sure we do not break the law by selling alcohol below the legal minimum price. Read more

Veterans Discount - Sainsbury's Argos

 20th October 2016
The Company has announced that from 1st December colleagues will be able to receive 10% colleague discount at Argos stores and 25% discount at Habitat stores. Current Sainsbury's Veterans or Argos Retirees will not be eligible for this enhanced benefit, as they have never worked for the enlarged Group. However, any colleague who becomes a Sainsbury's Veteran after 1st December 2016 will be eligible to continue to receive the discount at Argos and Habitat. Also for our Argos and Habitat Retirees who meet the eligibility criteria they will be also eligible to continue to receive their discount at Sainsbury's. The Argos and Habitat eligibility is the same as ours in that their colleagues have to leave on a retirement code and need to have completed 25 years' service. Read more

Tax Help for Older People

 16th September 2015
To find out more about tax help available for older people please see the document under our 'Useful Information' Section Read more

How do I use my discount card online?

 13th August 2015
Groceries Online To register your card for on-line shopping please call 0800 328 1700 option 2. If you get a replacement card, you will need to re-register your new card for Groceries Online as each card has a new issue number. To do this, you should call the Online Customer Care Team to re-register your new card on 0800 328 1700 Option 2. This will take up to 3 days and you will receive a confirmation email from the online customer team when your card is ready to use for Groceries Online shopping. Please ensure you plan your next online order so you do not miss out as you will not receive discount on your online shopping between now and when you receive your email. If you have any problems registering your discount card for Groceries online shopping, you can call the Groceries Online Customer Care Team on 0800 328 1700, option 2. Tu Clothing Online To use your card for Tu Clothing Online you must register your card by completing the Colleague Discount Registration form at You will receive an email within 5 days confirming your discount card is now ready for use when you shop. If you get a replacement card, your details for Tu Clothing Online remain the same and you can continue shopping as usual. If you have any problems with your discount card for Tu Clothing Online shopping, you can email the Tu Clothing Online Customer Service Team at Read more