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Update on meetings and trips

 [16-10-14] Cicely Pateman.jpg

Well welcome to 2021 sorry I am a bit late with that greeting, been busy trying to keep myself busy, staying at home. I am sure by now you all know how that works. Well things are looking a bit brighter on the Covid front. hopefully meetings are not to much of a distant memory, and we can all get together soon. all be it we will still not be able to give each other a hug. But aye won't it be good to see each other and have a chat. And get our lives back into some sort of normality. We will as a committee be in touch with you all as and when we get the go ahead. 

In the mean time, keep safe all of you.


Update on meetings and trips

 [16-10-14] Cicely Pateman.jpg

Hi all we hope you are all keeping well and safe. There will be no more meetings or trips this year. we hope to resume again in 2021. We have been Busy rebooking all the speakers we missed this year for 2021 and all the trips, you will find all the new dates on this site. In the mean time. keep safe keep busy, with all your new found activities. and we hope to see you all again soon.

The Committee





 Chair Doreen Hutchin

Secretary/Events Cicely Pateman 01279 815224

Treasurer Suzanne Fitch 01992 444257

Events Joy Rout

Terry Rout