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Northern Region Chair Update

Welcome to the North Region page. I hope you will find it useful and thank you for reading this.


PFellow Veterans,

Given the unprecedented and unpredictable situation regarding the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, which government advises provides a greater risk to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, it is with great sadness that I have taken the precautionary measure of cancelling all remaining 2020 reunions. Other large Veteran events, which have been organised separately from the reunions, have also been cancelled. 

I understand how much of a disappointment this will be to those who were planning to join us at the reunions and the other gatherings. I can assure you that the decision was not taken lightly but the health, safety and welfare of my fellow Veterans and their families is of paramount importance to both me and the members of the Veterans Association Committee (VAC). We have a duty of care to Veterans, which we take very seriously. After a long and detailed discussion and taking into account government advice, the VAC unanimously agreed that the increasing risk was too great to take and that, reluctantly, the remaining reunions for this year should be cancelled.  

As preparation for the biennial Veteran reunions starts months before the first one takes place each year, it is not possible to rearrange them for 2020. Therefore this unfortunately is a cancellation, not a postponement.

The HR Ops team in Manchester, who organises the reunions, is aware of the cancellations, it will deal with all the administration and correspondence involved, there is no further action Veterans need to take.

I hope you recognise this decision stems from a genuine concern for the well being of all Veterans.