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Doggetts 2020

Regretabally the function planned for April 29th has had to be cancelled due to the Corona Virus situation review made by the Veterans Association Committee in light of our due diligence to a vunerable age group gathering in large numbers and having travelled long distances. But we hope to be back for 2021!

Events Co-ordinator


If you are interested in any of our future planned events please let Events co-ordinator Paul Humphreys know so he can update you when plans are confirmed or updated. We know that not all dates will suit but we can target those most interested. Conact Paul at

London Office Committee

Chair: Bill Williams (pictured)

Vice Chair: Ken Barden

Treasurer: Mike Attwood

Events Co-ordinator: Paul Humphreys  email:

Jill Hayes- Doggetts  arrangements

David Hatch- News and Event Letter production