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Fellow Veterans,

We are now past the date of the final reunion originally planned for this year.  It was hugely disappointing to everyone that the reunions had to be cancelled but now, with the benefit of hindsight, we can see that we made the right decision, and in good time.

Members of the Veterans Association Committee (VAC) felt they would like to try to relieve some of that disappointment if they could. The idea of a VE Day hamper seemed to fit the bill and the VAC agreed to send them out to the 1,200+ Veterans who had been confirmed as attending a reunion this year and who then had their reunion cancelled. The Reward Services Team in Manchester worked closely with the Sainsbury's Hamper Buyer and the Hamper Supplier to bring a bespoke product to Veterans. 

The hampers were sent out over the VE Day anniversary Bank Holiday weekend, most people received theirs in time to use some of the contents in their VE Day Anniversary celebrations that weekend. Members of the VAC and I were delighted to hear from so many Veterans who had received their hamper. It was clear that the hampers were hugely appreciated by those who received them. Thank you to all those Veterans who got in touch with us.

We are not out of the woods yet. Many Veterans fall into the 'vulnerable' group we must take the greatest caution over any future plans we make for the rest of this year. We also need to bear in mind that sadly some venues may not be in business later in the year.  

At this moment in time we do not recommend making any definite plans for Veterans activities until the end of this year. We will of course review this as the weeks and months go by but Veterans health and welfare remains our number one priority.


Over the last few weeks I have been receiving the Veterans Questionnaire replies from the last issue of The News. So far I have received over 600! This is a fantastic response and it really is helping us to get a better understanding of Veterans views. Many people have added some comments which need further action and I am either passing these on to the Reward Services Team in Manchester or replying to those who sent their questionnaire form back. This takes time so please be patient if I haven't replied yet. If you haven't returned your questionnaire yet please do so, your views are important to us. 

One good thing that has come out of the current situation is that my garden has never looked so good!


My best wishes to you all, stay safe and well.