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Get in Touch - Sainsbury’s Pension Scheme Members

 29th June 2021
Do you know a former colleague you worked with who might be a member of the closed Sainsbury’s Pension Scheme but hasn’t heard from us for over a year? If you do, please ask them to contact the administrators, Willis Towers Watson so that we can keep in touch with them about their benefits. Ask them to email, or write to Sainsbury’s Pension Team, Willis Towers Watson, PO Box 545, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1YX stating their Month of Birth, Post Code and Last 4 characters of their National Insurance Number. Thank you Read more


 16th March 2021
Please click to the Tell Me More icon at the top of the front page and then Frequently Asked Questions to find out how to use your discount cards online or at Argos. The back page of the December News edition also features those answers amongst others Read more

Possible Share Scam

 27th February 2021
A Veteran has reported a phone call from a lady claiming to represent a client who was aiming to acquire 51% of the shares in JS. They claimed to have agreement to sell from a number of institutions and were asking for the Veteran if they would be willing to sell the JS shares they held. Unless there is a takeover bid in the offing this is likely to be another scam especially given that it would need the shares of the major institutional holders to achieve a 51% stake of the 2 billion issued at January 2021 on the shareholder website. Read more

Changes to Habitat discount

 18th January 2021
Colleagues were recently notified that Habitat is becoming the Company’s main home and furniture brand. Sainsbury’s is making Habitat products more widely available and affordable from this month, both in store and online. As part of the Company’s plans to offer the same stylish, high quality homewares they're known for at more affordable prices, discount at Habitat is changing to 10% from Wednesday 27th January. This will also apply to those Veterans who are eligible for discount at Habitat. Mike Read more

2021 reunions

 08th January 2021
In March last year the Veterans Association Committee cancelled all but one of the 2020 reunions because of the Covid-19 virus. By that time nearly 1,300 Veterans had already received confirmation that they would attend a reunion. The 1,300 Veterans who had their reunion cancelled received small hampers in May as a small gesture to recognise their disappointment at missing out on a reunion. As Covid-19 was still around and showed no signs of going away for some time we took the decision to not hold any reunions in 2021. Normally we would be sending out over 10,000 invitations to those reunions but this year none have gone out. We really appreciate the fact that Veterans understand the reason why we had to do this, but we are still aware that it is a disappointment to those who would have accepted the invitation had we been able to send them out. Sadly, we have no way of knowing who would and who wouldn't have accepted their invitation and our budget won’t allow us to send hampers to 10,000 people. We did want to do something though so our Rewards Team will be sending out a £10 Sainsbury’s Coupon to all those who would have been invited to a reunion this year. The Coupons will be sent via post and should arrive by the end of January. If you have moved in the last 6 months and have not yet informed the Rewards Team please let them know via an email to to make sure we have the correct address. Mike Read more

Donate button added to website

 23rd September 2020
Jayne Graham has now completed the 48 mile charity ride for the Sainsbury Veterans Welfare Scheme & Grocery Aid and Mike Oakes will do his later after the sudden illness and hospitalisation of his father. The photos of Jayne show stunning weather on the day and backed up by husband Dave and a friend in a support vehicle. Well done all. Donations are still welcome as per the last copy of Veterans News and you can now donate anytime to the Sainsbury Veterans Welfare Scheme via the purple icon at the top of this website. Read more

REMINDER: Veterans Discount - Sainsbury's Argos

 15th September 2020
The Company announced that from 1st December 2016 working colleagues would be able to receive 10% colleague discount at Argos stores and 25% discount in Habitat. As a reminder, Sainsbury's Veterans who retired before that date are not be eligible for this benefit as they had never worked for the Combined Group. A Sainsbury's Veteran who retired before 1st December 2016 is not eligible for discount in Argos or Habitat. A colleague who became a Sainsbury's Veteran after 1st December 2016 is eligible to receive the discount at Argos and Habitat. If you have any questions please contact me via email at Read more

Welsh Stores Minimum Pricing Legislation

 02nd January 2020
Colleague Discount on Alcohol – Welsh Sainsbury's Stores In Wales on 2 March 2020, new legislation comes into effect that will change how alcohol is priced. This is a legal requirement and we will need to be fully compliant. This change was adopted in Scotland in May 2018. What's changing? All alcoholic products sold in Wales will be subject to a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol. What does this mean for me? If you are shopping in a Sainsbury's store in Wales on or after 2 March 2020 – you will no longer be able to get colleague discount on any alcoholic products. This will make sure we do not break the law by selling alcohol below the legal minimum price. Where can I find more information? More information on minimum unit pricing can be found on the website: If you have any questions regarding this change to our discount benefit for all colleagues, please call HR Reward Services on 0207 695 4227 or email Read more


 16th April 2018
NEW ONLINE ARCHIVE OPENS Visit to explore the amazing story of almost 150 years of Sainsbury's history. Discover the products, places and people that made Sainsbury's a household name. IN ADDITION! We want to hear your stories and memories of working or shopping with one of nation's favourite retailer. To do this simply follow these three simple steps: 1. Visit 2. Register with your name and email address. 3. Simply share your memory or upload an image via the Memories section. Sainsbury Archive Museum of London Docklands, West India Quay, London E14 4AL Phone: 020 7001 9852 Read more

New Discount Card Guidelines - Scotland

 04th April 2018
In Scotland on 1st May 2018, new legislation comes into effect that will change how alcohol is priced. This is a legal requirement and we will need to be fully compliant. If you are shopping in a Sainsbury's store in Scotland on or after 1 May 2018 - You will no longer be able to get veteran discount on any alcoholic products. This will make sure we do not break the law by selling alcohol below the legal minimum price. Read more

Tax Help for Older People

 16th September 2015
To find out more about tax help available for older people please see the document under our 'Useful Information' Section Read more

How do I use my discount card online?

 13th August 2015
Groceries Online To register your card for on-line shopping please call 0800 328 1700 option 2. If you get a replacement card, you will need to re-register your new card for Groceries Online as each card has a new issue number. To do this, you should call the Online Customer Care Team to re-register your new card on 0800 328 1700 Option 2. This will take up to 3 days and you will receive a confirmation email from the online customer team when your card is ready to use for Groceries Online shopping. Please ensure you plan your next online order so you do not miss out as you will not receive discount on your online shopping between now and when you receive your email. If you have any problems registering your discount card for Groceries online shopping, you can call the Groceries Online Customer Care Team on 0800 328 1700, option 2. Tu Clothing Online To use your card for Tu Clothing Online you must register your card by completing the Colleague Discount Registration form at You will receive an email within 5 days confirming your discount card is now ready for use when you shop. If you get a replacement card, your details for Tu Clothing Online remain the same and you can continue shopping as usual. If you have any problems with your discount card for Tu Clothing Online shopping, you can email the Tu Clothing Online Customer Service Team at Read more