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COVID 19 Update

13th May 2020


The Veterans Association Committee (VAC) continue to monitor the Covid- 19 situation and the Government guideline changes. With the danger that cases could increase again if people relax their guard too soon and the issues of protection and social distancing, the risks to Veterans are still the same.
We are not yet at a point where the VAC would advise Local Associations to go ahead and make definite plans for activities and events to be held this year and beyond. There are already reports of some venues going out of business where deposits have been paid so anyone planning events should take that into account before committing member's monies or paying balances.
It is likely to be August before we have a proper indication of the progress in combating Covid-19 both in the UK and abroad and be in a position to make a realistic assessment of the risk for the rest of this year and into 2021.