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2021 reunions

8th January 2021

Michael Oakes. Chair, Veterans Association

In March last year the Veterans Association Committee cancelled all but one of the 2020 reunions because of the Covid-19 virus. By that time nearly 1,300 Veterans had already received confirmation that they would attend a reunion. The 1,300 Veterans who had their reunion cancelled received small hampers in May as a small gesture to recognise their disappointment at missing out on a reunion.

As Covid-19 was still around and showed no signs of going away for some time we took the decision to not hold any reunions in 2021. Normally we would be sending out over 10,000 invitations to those reunions but this year none have gone out. We really appreciate the fact that Veterans understand the reason why we had to do this, but we are still aware that it is a disappointment to those who would have accepted the invitation had we been able to send them out. Sadly, we have no way of knowing who would and who wouldn't have accepted their invitation and our budget won’t allow us to send hampers to 10,000 people. We did want to do something though so our Rewards Team will be sending out a £10 Sainsbury’s Coupon to all those who would have been invited to a reunion this year. The Coupons will be sent via post and should arrive by the end of January.
If you have moved in the last 6 months and have not yet informed the Rewards Team please let them know via an email to to make sure we have the correct address.